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Getting your first beginner bras – a simple guide to find you the right one

Getting your first beginner bras – a simple guide to find you the right one

Girls, your changing body is beautiful. Don’t let anybody make you feel otherwise. Celebrate it. Show it some love and mostly, be kind to it. Of course, that doesn’t negate the fact that the journey towards womanhood can be a tricky and confusing one. However, know that no matter which path you select, in the end, you’ll be okay.

But, you know what really helps? Choosing the right innerwear that comforts & supports you, just like your BFF, in this exciting adventure. On that note, let’s begin by talking about the best bras for teens.

Now, while shopping for bras can be super exciting and fun, it can also be an activity that may generate a lot of doubts and questions. For example, what are beginner bras? How do I measure my size? What type of bras will suit my body? If you’re shopping for bras for the first time, Miss Jockey’s stylish collection will help you during this transitional phase in your life so it unfurls to be a happy one.

In this blog, we’ll try to break down a few things that will help you take the first step into this journey. Let’s begin –

First, have a conversation

Having a conversation about your changing body can be slightly awkward, but guess what, you can make it easy. How? Well, if you aren’t very comfortable talking to a parent or an older person about this, just talk to one of your girlfriends. Having a conversation about this will give you some perspective on where to get the best bras for teens.

You’ll gain detailed insight from someone who has already started their journey or is far into it. This way, you’ll get a lot of answers to your question from an experienced individual, instead of google results that can be quite vague and confusing.

Measure yourself right

No, you cannot skip this part. You may feel like it’s okay to just assume and get a bra that “feels” right. But, girl, let us tell you that it’s extremely important to take the right steps if you want to have a great relationship with your body and your intimates. And wearing the right size is THE MOST IMPORTANT part in this whole journey.

So, you can either measure yourself at home with a measuring tape, or seek help from a lingerie expert. Once you are sure of your size, only then you’ll be ready to begin your search for the best bras for beginners.

Look for options

Today, it’s very easy to search for a bra for beginners online. You’ll find many reputable as well as local brands offering their products on their websites that provide a diverse collection of beginner’s bras with unique styles, colours and designs to choose from.

However, since you are new, it’s advisable to stick to a few options that guarantee comfort and support. Remember, your body is still growing and transforming, hence, it needs maximum support. Once you and your body get familiar with bras, you can experiment with more stylish options.

Pick your favourite style

Miss Jockey offers a wide range of unique styles that are designed to help you contour your body better and give you the support you need. Right from beginner’s bras to uniform bras and shelf camisoles for teen, Jockey, as a brand, invests a lot of time in designing products that will give young girls an option to select styles that can match every activity or occasion they indulge in.

So, now you can either pick your favourite style and stick to that or experiment with more options until you find what works best for you, or you can mix and match. The choice is all yours!

Measure every six months

As mentioned earlier, your body is still growing. Hence, it is important to keep measuring your breasts every six months. You may notice a difference in size or shape. If you do, it is best to shop for new bras that fit your body correctly and feel comfortable. Remember, wearing the wrong size can lead to a lot of problems such as chaffing, spillage or general discomfort. You can follow our bra measurement guide to get the right size.

Girls, remember, it is important to give your developing breasts the support and comfort they deserve. This will help you steer away from posture problems or neck and back pains in the future. And, if you feel overwhelmed, talk to a parent or friend, they’ll always have your back; just like Jockey!