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Style, comfort, versatility: let's talk bras!

Style, comfort, versatility: let's talk bras!

Buying a new bra is a lot like making a friend. The wrong one will make you uncomfortable, hurt you where you’re sensitive, and make life very, very inconvenient. The right one however, will celebrate your strengths, hide your flaws, and hug you just right! She will make you feel confident with every step you take and scream ‘You go girl!’ when you most need it.

Choosing bras go beyond cup sizes and colors simply because there isn’t a one-bra-fits-all! Bras, like friends, are made for different occasions. After all, you wouldn’t take your wild borderline-alcoholic buddy to yoga! It’s important to have a variety of styles so you can dazzle at every occasion ﹘ be it a formal cocktail party, a casual girls’ night out, or an important meeting.

Here are a few of our favorite bra styles that deserve to grace your wardrobe!

T-shirt Bra

Don’t you just hate it when you spend a bomb on a fancy new tee and all you see in the mirror is bra seams and disappointment? And it gets so much worse when it’s ‘nippy’ out! So what’s the answer? T-shirt bras!

Designed with smooth contoured cups, t-shirt bras lend a smooth look when worn under lightweight or tight fabrics. These cups are lightly padded, making them seamless, versatile, and comfortable ﹘ the perfect choice for casual, everyday fashion! Best worn under: Light and thin fabrics, form-hugging tees.

Sports Bra

Let’s face it ﹘ working out is a nightmare ﹘ be it outdoor sports, gymming, or jogging. Isn’t it enough that you already have to deal with creeps at the gym or the park? Why should you have to deal with the pain and discomfort of an ill-fitting bra? Enter, the sports bra.

Providing unparalleled comfort and support for your breasts, sports bras are a boon for active women on-the-go. And if you’d rather Netflix and chill at home, a sports bra is perfect for that too! It’s the superhero of bras, really. Best worn when: Exercising, lounging at home.

Push-up Bra

We’re warning you, these bras are totally NSFW! And if push-up bras are about one thing, it’s cleavage. These fun n’ flirty bras are usually made with padded cups that push your breasts up and together to augment your chest and create a voluptuous silhouette.

A push-up bra allows you to channel your inner diva and unleash your sexy side. Go on, savor your red carpet moment. Best worn with: Low-cut or V-neck tops, evening wear/cocktail dresses.

Multiway Bra

Presenting the multiway strapless bra ﹘ or as we like to call it ﹘ the Swiss army knife of lingerie; the one bra to rule them all! A champion of versatility, multiway bras come with detachable straps that can be reattached in different ways and styles. Hook ‘em up anyway you want!

The customizable nature of the multiway bra allows you to flaunt halter-neck tops, backless dresses, and tops with low arm holes ﹘ all without having to buy different lingerie! Best worn with: Halter neck tops/dresses, deep back/backless dresses.