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World’s best innerwear fabrics for men who love to live in comfort

World’s best innerwear fabrics for men who love to live in comfort

With products and services easily accessible today, we often make the mistake of spending our money without doing a thorough research and learning more about the choices available to us; especially when it comes to innerwear. This, quite often leads to wastage of everything – your time, money and purchase. So, the next time you like an underwear, first, check the fabric. Why? Well, understanding the fabric and the elements that come together to form your underwear is so important. This is simply because what’s on the inside, reflects on the outside. So, if you are wearing innerwear for men that are crafted exceptionally well, and tailored for your comfort, you’ll see a notable difference in your self-confidence and body language too.

So, let’s just say, you’ve made the right choice by clicking on this blog, and without further ado, let’s take you through some of the world’s best fabrics available in the market today –


For men who always like to put their comfort first, this is an exclusive, luxurious fabric that’s specially created for you. Yes, you heard us right! Tactel is a nylon 66 microfiber that dries eight times faster than cotton and 20% lighter than most other fabrics. So, if you are looking for men briefs or trunks online check out this hygroscopic fabric, which absorbs moisture out of the air or out of its surrounding. This is one of the most breathable, light and breathtakingly beautiful creations that is crafted to move with you. Perfect for those long days at work, all-day travel on trains or flights and more, this is definitely one of those fabrics that will become your BFF for life.

Micro Fiber

Ultra-light and breathable, Microfiber is a synthetic fabric consisting of ultra-fine fibres that makes it extra smooth and soft. It fits and feels like all things wonderful and keeps your body cool and dry through the day. Besides having a quick drying superpower, this luxurious fabric offers exceptional comfort, along with a brilliant appearance, even after several washes, day after day. Tailored to withstand abrasion from the get-go, this fabric is super easy to care for and feels feather-light on your body. So, all you fitness enthusiasts out there, this one’s for you!

Micro Modal

Now, if you want to skip it all and head directly to get your hands on one of the most incredible pieces of fabric, this one’s it! Micro Modal is made from a specialized type of modal rayon, and is the most supreme and luxurious fabric in the men’s innerwear segments like vests, right now. This material is thin, smooth and soft, just like silk, which makes sleeveless vests made from this fabric a big hit among men who like enjoy staying comfortable, and at ease all day. It also offers a remarkable hand feel and hugs your body to offer a level of comfort you have never experienced before. Moreover, it’s stretchable and resistant to shrinkage, which means you can enjoy this outstanding fabric for a very long time.

Supima Cotton

You may already know that when it comes to shopping for comfortable and breathable innerwear for men, cotton is the most preferred fabric. However, did you know that there are different types & varieties of cotton fabrics available in the market and Supima Cotton happens to be on the top of the list? Yes, softer and more durable than regular fabric, Supima Cotton is the most premium variety there is, as it’s twice as soft and strong than regular cotton. It is perfect for men who have sensitive skin as it’s 50% longer than regular cotton, which only adds to its softness and gives it its durability and breathability too. So, you can stop worrying about your skin concerns and live your life stress-free.


Lastly, it is important to be mindful of our actions, even when it’s as simple as buying underwear for men. After all, every action has an equal reaction. Here, our actions take a negative toll on our planet. Hence, we can try to be more conscious of our choices and select from fabrics such as Lyocell that is sustainable and excellent for both you and the planet. Developed from wood pulp and premium in every aspect, Lyocell is lightweight and gentle on the skin too. It has natural anti-bacterial properties and is moisture absorbent, making it ideal for all-day and night comfort. This is one of the reasons why, Jockey boxer shorts made from Lyocell are one the best-selling products today.

If you have clicked on this blog, it already means that you are ready to navigate the world of premium and luxurious fabric. So, take the next step and discover Jockey innerwear for men that are crafted with excellence and deliver comfort like you have never experienced before.