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4 popular assumptions about bras you shouldn't conform to

4 popular assumptions about bras you shouldn't conform to

A lot has changed in the last 500 years!

Yet, there are some things that NEVER CHANGE! For example, gender stereotypes and many problematic statements regarding women’s lingerie. What women wear and how they wear it is still a central part of many discussions that only tends to set us back.

In this blog, we’ll talk about such few preconceived assumptions about bras for women that we are sure you may have heard at least once in your lifetime and how brands like Jockey give you a chance to break these primordial notions –

You don’t need to invest in a sports bra to exercise. A regular bra will do

If you are an athlete, especially if you have just started training, you may have definitely heard this one. Ladies, if you indulge in any form of physical exercise, from heavy weight-lifting, running and jogging to yoga and Pilates, you need to invest in a decent sports bra. An activewear bra or sports bra is designed with technologically advanced fabric such as super combed cotton elastane stretch fabric, and ultra-soft and durable bands that allow minimal movement of your breasts and offer maximum support. Besides, these bras are also treated with antimicrobial properties that keeps you from developing any rashes or infection due to heavy sweating.

Never let your bra strap make a public appearance

Ladies, it’s a normal piece of clothing and not a state secret. So, wear your bra with pride and don’t worry about those who do not understand your splendid taste in lingerie. In fact, you can even select bras that allow you to change your straps and style them according to your taste. Plus, if you really get uncomfortable with your bra strap making a public appearance, ensure the strap fits well and doesn't slip or switch to strapless bras for specific dresses. It’s that easy!

A bra is supposed to look great not feel great.


Are we still living in the 16th century when women were expected to wear a pretty corset that flattened women's breasts, pushing them upward — almost to the point where they were falling out of their dresses? No, thank you! Advance technology and innovative fabric in the 21st century have given women a chance to select lingerie that guarantees to make her look great and feel even better! Jockey woman has a versatile range of bras which feel and look great. Jockey woman knows you!

Spending too much on your underwear is such a waste!

No, it’s not!

Lingerie is an integral part of a woman’s wardrobe. Hence, it is important to invest in pieces that make you feel comfortable, supported, confident and even glamorous. After all, lingerie has the power to make any woman feel powerful and empowered. Therefore, it is almost crucial for women to invest wisely in women's bras and panties that are crafted to let you embrace your body better.

Ladies, it’s time to break away and let the world know that bras are just a piece of functional garment that enable women to live with confidence and move with ease. It’s time to stand up and speak up!