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Old-school hobbies that you should try which will instantly lift your spirits.

Old-school hobbies that you should try which will instantly lift your spirits.

Old-school hobbies that you should try which will instantly lift your spirits.

The term leisure – defined as an opportunity afforded by free time to do something – has over the years reduced itself to mindless amusements. Not too long ago, leisure time didn’t entail hours in front of the television or binge-drinking over the weekend; it referred to a creative outlet to pursue passions and interests that stimulate the mind, body, and soul – outside one’s own career. But the advancement of technology has negated all that, leaving most of us numb receptors of mass media. Our lifestyles too have become arduous, and often it’s hard to argue against plonking on the couch, when plonking on a couch is all one can manage after a day’s work.

The truth however, is that it is not so much about the time we have at hand, as much as it is about how we choose to expend the same. Leisure activities must refresh and invigorate the senses, rather than tire you further. And the best way to pick one that does, is by keeping it old school. Simple logic here: old school = no modern technology = digital detox.


You don’t need a patch of Prairie or plantations in the Philippines to get in touch with the land around you. Heck, you don’t even need a yard. From wall gardens, to potted plants, to wooden crates – if there’s a will to plant, you’ll always find a way. You could refer the plethora of DIY ideas on the Internet, or you could come up with your own ingenious hack at gardening. But it’s important that you stay invested with this hobby. From watching seeds grow through the seasons to finally harvesting produce, you’ll find yourself more in tune with nature, and are sure to find a sense of serenity about you. Mind you, this isn’t for the torpid: gardening is bound to be a good workout for the bones, muscles and joints, with ample doses of sunlight and fresh air – ideal if you find yourself holed up in an artificially-lit office through the day.


If you believe that there's nothing quite as satisfying as working with one's own hands, then perhaps whittling is right down your alley. A perfect bridge to advanced woodworking, all you'll need to kick things off is a sharp, sturdy knife and a piece of wood. Bonus points if you manage a rocking chair, cigar, a porch, Johnny Cash on the radio, and a sunset. Be warned though that whittling is a true test of patience. It'll take you a few days to pick up, but years to master. Whittling will truly help you erase every worry in your mind after a long day. And if that doesn't work, you're at least left with a set of truly photogenic fingers.


If you're looking for something more couture, consider leather-working. This once flourishing skill is now practiced by very few around the world, but is now slowly seeing a revival. Although more expensive to pursue than other hobbies on our list, leather-working pays dividends in an unlimited supply of bespoke leather accessories. That's right -imagine your very own unique wallets, belts, and card holders. And if you're religious, you can even move on to bags and shoes, not to forget what wonderful presents bespoke leather goods make. As a beginner, it is advisable to only work with discarded leather -found easily in marketplaces or with cobblers. Remember, it'll take you a while before you can make something of note, but the sheer smell of hand-worked leather will keep you going.

These are just three things to kick things off. There’s absolutely no dearth of options for productive ways to while away your time. Go on then, show us what you got – with a little bit of heart, patience, and passion.