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Magic Undercup Bra: A Perfect Workmate who “KNOWS YOU”

Magic Undercup Bra: A Perfect Workmate who “KNOWS YOU”

Over the years, the most significant piece of clothing in a woman’s wardrobe, her lingerie, has been significantly altered to support her lifestyle.


Today, bras have transitioned into a highly functional and stylish product with comfort being the key element. Taking this idea ahead, Jockey has recently added Magic Undercup Bras to their wide & versatile collection.



What are Magic Undercup Bras?



A Magic Undercup Bra, as the name suggests, has a magic under cup, or what we call a special bifold elastic around the cup, which gives you the support of an underwire bra without the wire. So now you can enjoy extraordinary support, perfect lift and seamless shape, minus all the fuss. Besides that, the softness of this bra does wonders to your skin, without compromising on style.


Here are some of the key highlights of Jockey’s new Magic Undercup Bras:



Soft & Lightweight:



Jockey’s Magic Undercup Bras are crafted from soft-touch microfiber elastane stretch fabric that offers a luxurious and smooth hand feel, giving the wearer a unique chance to experience comforting sensory like never before. The fabric used here also plays an extremely important factor in making this bra feel light as a feather. So, you can enjoy softness, durability and freedom, all in one item.



Multiway styling:



Innerwear should always encourage versatility, and this is exactly what Jockey bras offer; including this one. The new Magic Undercup Bra comes with straps that can be easily styled in multiple ways depending on your mood, outfit or vibe, making it a perfect choice for any occasion or season.



Easy to adjust & adapt:



Undercup Bra



These Jockey ladies bras also feature smooth and soft adjustable straps to give extra support to the shoulders. But that’s not all! This magic undercup bra also gives you the lift of an underwire bra, without the wire, thereby, offering multiple benefits in just one bra. Can it get better than this?



Offer Full Coverage:



Undercup Bra for Women



Many women choose full coverage bras as they offer a smoother silhouette, extra support and tackles all your spillage woes. Although, such bras are perfect for women of all breast shapes and sizes, it is especially a blessing for those with heavy breasts as it ensures full protection and support. This feature also enhances the key highlights of this bra – fit & comfort!



Varied Colours:



Women Undercup Bra



Finally, available in some cool shades & unique palettes, Jockey’s Magic Undercup Bras give you the freedom to pick colors that match your personality & your outfits too. Therefore, allowing you to fill your closet with bras that really ‘know you’!



Ladies, bras are a crucial part of your wardrobe, so make sure to purchase the ones that not only look great, but feel incredible too.



To check out Jockey’s collection of Magic Undercup Bras, click here!