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Hipster Panties For Teens


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Hipster Panties for Teens by Jockey

Fusion of comfort, fashion and confidence

Jockey hipster underwear for girls is what one needs to get their hands on if they are looking for comfortable, stylish, fashionable, and durable underwear for their teens!

Hipsters for girls from Jockey are a must-have in a teenโ€™s wardrobe given their comfort factor and the softness they provide on the skin. This bottom wear is woven from premium cotton fabric, is seamless, and fits well under any type of attire, including workwear, athleisure wear, and casual wear. These girls' hipsters come in a variety of colors, hues shades, patterns, and styles. Explore our portfolio of bottoms for teens on the website from the comfort of your home, and pick what suits you the best.

Fabric Used

Super Combed Cotton: A Jockey girls hipster is made with the process of combing the cotton fabric where shorter fibers and impurities are removed, giving us more compact, finer, and stronger cotton hipster panties. Combing once makes it โ€˜Combed Cottonโ€™ and twice makes it โ€˜Super Combed Cottonโ€™.

Cotton Elastane Stretch / Cotton Lycra Stretch: Elastane is a synthetic fiber with exceptional elasticity (stretch) and blending this fiber with cotton makes the fabric stretch using this blended fabric gives us the needed hipsters for girls. This provides the product with a grip to hold onto.

Mercerized Cotton: Mercerization is a process of treating the cotton fabric with alkali chemicals to increase the strength, color, texture, luster, and softness seen in hipsters.

Special Features That We Provide For The Products

StayFresh: StayFresh treatment with antimicrobial properties to help you feel rejuvenated throughout the day.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are hipsters good daily wear?

    -Hipster underwear for girls is a perfect mix of boy shorts and a bikini, given their features of being high waist, with complete coverage at the front and back and offering more support than boy shorts. The hipsters for girls variations are best suited for daily wear given their comfort factor and can be worn with any type of attire.
  • Are hipster panties good for nightwear?

    -Hipsters for Girls offers good support and is comfortable to be in for the night. However, choosing underwear for the night depends on the comfort level of the wearer.
  • What to wear with Hipsters?

    -Hipsters work well with any lowers for women and with any inner tops for women. As they offer good support, fit and comfort they are all-occasion wear be it a workout, sleep wear, or daily use. They are great pairs inner wear that should be in your wardrobe collection.