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Bottomwears for Teens by Jockey

Comfort You Need!

Underwear for teens should be comfortable, offering the desired support yet be fashionable to exuberate a sense of confidence in the wearer. Jockey has a wide collection of teenager panties like hipsters, shorties, boyleg, high waist, and mid waist bottoms to give one all the comfort they desire.

Panties for teenagers from Jockey, woven from premium fabric are very soft on the skin and can be worn as daily wear. One can find a wide range of teenage panties, from low to high coverage, from solid colors to fashionable prints. Jockey offers much-needed comfort, style, fashion, and confidence. Explore our portfolio to choose the best underwear for teens.

Types of Panties

Hipster: These teenager's underwear comes with a mid-coverage and a higher side-seam coverage than a bikini and perfect pick for those looking for comfort.

Boyleg: These are high-waist panties that fit snugly, are seamless, and offer confidence under a well-fitted outfit.

Mid- Waist: The high-waisted panties in our portfolio, offers you confidence for a well-fitted outfit with full rear coverage.

Fabric Used

Super Combed Cotton: Jockey teenage panties are made with the process of combing the cotton fabric where shorter fibers and impurities are removed, giving us more compact, finer underwear for teens. Combing once makes it โ€˜Combed Cotton and twice makes it โ€˜Super Combed Cottonโ€™.

Cotton Elastane Stretch / Cotton Lycra Stretch: Elastane is a synthetic fiber with exceptional elasticity (stretch) and blending this fiber with cotton makes the fabric stretch using this blended fabric gives us cotton panties for teenagers. This provides the product with a grip to hold onto the body while remaining extremely comfortable. Lycra is a brand of Elastane Stretch fabric.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • The difference between Mid Waist and a Hipster?

    -There is no typical difference between hipsters and mid-waist panties in terms of design or functionality. Both offer the desired comfort and support that a teen needs. However, mid-waist underwear for teens offers better frontal coverage than a hipster.
  • Which is the best panties that I can wear?

    -The best teenager panties would be the one that offers the right mix of comfort and fashion, the one that one is most comfortable and confident in wearing. Explore the different types of panties, and see what suits you the best. Jockey teenage panties offer the desired comfort and right fit for one to feel confident all day, every day.
  • How to find the right fit of panties for me?

    -The best way to find the right fit for one would be to measure the hip circumference and compare the measured number with the size chart provided on Jockey. It is a tried and tested method that results in finding the right size of teenagers underwear for you.
  • Which is the best panties to sleep in?

    -The best panties to sleep in are the one that offers you comfort and feels soft on your skin. We ideally recommend to not wear any when sleeping. However, if you wish to explore, Jockey has some of the best underwear for teens like the mid-waist, hipsters, shorties, high waist, and boy legs for comfort needs. Pick one that suits your comfort and wear it for an undisturbed sleep.