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Mid-waist Panties for Teens


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Mid Waist Panties for Teens by Jockey

Coverage and comfort go hand in hand

Jockey teen underwear is meant to give the desired comfort, support, and confidence to little girls, and what could be better than the mid-waist panty for girls? Jockey mid-waist bottoms are the perfect pick for many as they offer full rear coverage with a high-rise fit and are comfortable with the right fit. A mid-waist bottom wear is designed to sit comfortably right on the waistline - a few inches below the navel. This figure-flattering, versatile bottom wear with modest coverage makes them one of the most preferred choices amongst teens given their stylish and trendy look A mid-waist panty for girls is also known to smoothen away abdominal bulges with their broad waistbands and show no visible panty lines under any kind of bottomwear.

Jockey mid-waist panties for girls are woven from premium cotton fabric that is comfortable and soft on the skin and offers the necessary support and fit. These panties come in printed designs, patterns, hues, designs, and solid shades, and offer the ultimate comfort that you can expect from mid-waist briefs.

These mid-waist panties for girls from Jockey in the form of hipsters, brief panties, boyleg, etc. are a perfect blend of fashion, comfort, modest coverage, and coziness and are a perfect pick as sleepwear, or simply to lounge around the whole day.

Fabric Used

Super Combed Cotton: Mid waist panties for girls from Jockey are made with the process of combing the cotton fabric where shorter fibers and impurities are removed, giving us a more compact, finer, and stronger cotton bottom wear. Combing once makes it โ€˜Combed Cottonโ€™ and twice makes it โ€˜Super Combed Cottonโ€™.

Cotton Elastane Stretch / Cotton Lycra Stretch: Elastane is a synthetic fiber with exceptional elasticity (stretch) and blending this fiber with cotton makes the fabric stretch using this blended fabric gives us mid-waist panty for girls. This provides the product with a grip to hold onto.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are mid waist panties?

    -A mid waist panty for girls is a comfortable, regular-wear panties that offer long hours of ease. They are a perfect fit under mid-rise denim or bottoms.
  • Are mid waist good for physical activities?

    -Yes, mid waist panties for girls are the best-fit innerwear for low-intensity workouts like walking, jogging, and yoga given its fit and style. This kind of underwear doesnโ€™t slide or slip, offers desired support, and prevents chafing during a rigorous workout.
  • Can we wear mid-waist panties at night?

    -It is recommended to wear comfortable, soft, cotton underwear at night when sleeping. However, it is ideal to sleep without underwear to ensure peaceful sleep.