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Experience luxury with Jockey's premium collection of innerwear for men

Experience luxury with Jockey's premium collection of innerwear for men

Men, shopping for underwear isn’t boring! Period. You simply have to start looking beyond the classic white briefs aisle. And, remember, what may have worked for you a few years ago isn’t your best choice now. Your body has changed. Your lifestyle has changed and your needs too. Somewhere there’s a style that’s more supportive. More stylish. More flattering, with better quality fabric and fit, sitting quietly, waiting for you to choose it.

And to help you find it, we at Jockey have gathered some premium underwear for men collections and fabrics we believe every man should know about, to enhance your comfort, and enjoy the feeling of luxury, like never before. So, let’s take a look –


Each style is designed with precision and crafted with high-quality fabric called microfiber elastane stretch fabric, which is incredibly soft to touch and exceptionally comfortable. It’s not only quick drying, but you will stay cooler and drier as you move on to the next rep in your training or leg of your trip.


SUPIMA is softer, more durable and long-lasting than cotton. It is undoubtedly the most premium cotton there is with smooth, silky touch that feels absolutely luxurious on your skin. Plus, it offers the kind of fit, feel and comfort that you can’t live without.


Experience feather-like softness now with this specialty premium fibre Tactel. It wicks sweat away from the body and stretches to fit your comfort. Tactel also has a quick drying superpower; we’re talking 8X faster drying capability than cotton. So now, you can experience the luxurious comfort, along with brilliant appearance, day-after-day.

Micro Modal

The premium fibre of MicroModal is extracted from beechwood trees. It also has an excellent moisture-wicking profile, making it ideal for intense workouts and every day hustle. Plus, the fabric is quite stretchable, durable and resistant to shrinkage, and so fine, almost feels like silk but without the hassle of maintenance, of course.


Another premium fabric is lyocell which is developed from wood pulp and is lightweight. It has natural anti-bacterial properties and is moisture absorbent, making it ideal for all day and night comfort. It is gentle on the skin and is from a sustainable source, thus providing care and comfort to both you and planet earth. Jockey has dominated the briefs, trunks & boxer briefs industry for many years and while every single piece has been crafted keeping your comfort and lifestyle in mind, some collections exceed the benchmark.

Such products have the potential to not only elevate your innerwear wardrobe but absolutely and completely change your life, for good. This is simply to ensure that when you try their premium, high-quality innerwear, you too can proudly say - ‘Nothing Fits Better.’