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Modern Man's guide to looking good

Modern Man's guide to looking good

A modern man does not simply focus on his outerwear but instead pays a lot of attention to every single detail, especially his innerwear. Consumer research proves that men of the 21st century expect more than just functional needs from their essential wear. Today, they are looking to get more variety and design along with exceptional craftsmanship.



Of course, this switch has been brought due to men’s ever-changing lifestyle, which demands more comfort, freedom and support, through the myriad of activities they indulge in, all day long. Besides, when you feel your best, you give your best.



So, in this blog we’ll talk about key innovation that has brought a big change in men’s innerwear space:



Innovative fabric



The foundation of any outfit is good innerwear. But, the foundation of good innerwear is great fabric. Yes, you heard us right! Fabric that offers smoothness, comfort, breathability, durability and more, makes a massive difference, and modern men definitely pay more attention to these features before adding them to their cart. After all, strong, innovative fabric is also resistant to shrinkage and easy to care for, thereby giving you something you can enjoy wearing even after multiple washes. One good example is this trunk for men from Jockey’s heritage collection that’s made from premium Micro Fiber fabric, which makes it ultra-light and breathtakingly comfortable.



High fashion


Underwear was once seen as only a mere necessity, but today, men understand the importance of innerwear. They are mindful of their choices and want to look good, both on the inside and outside. Therefore, they are looking for brands that can offer underwear for men that are available in a variety of patterns and silhouettes, which lets them experiment with their own style and be a little adventurous too. This is why Jockey offers some truly stunning styles, available in a variety of hues that feature in their International Collection that are quite bold and definitely statement-makers.



Perfection in performance


A modern man leads a very hectic and fast-paced lifestyle that takes him from the gym to the boardroom and beyond. Now, this of course demands innerwear that is crafted to work with you, not against you. Hence, most of them have started to look for innerwear for men that are tailored with an innovative fabric that’s abrasion resistant, offers moisture-wicking properties and is breathable. Such innerwear also eliminates rubbing, chaffing, shifting and adjusting, and provide excellent support and fitting. Now, Jockey has hit a home run on this feature with their best-selling solid boxer briefs for men from their MOVE Collection, which is made from Micro Fiber Elastane Stretch fabric that sits right, is ultrasoft and perfect for every occasion.



Crafted for comfort



With so much to take care of and for, modern men are instantly driven towards innerwear, mainly vests, that can offer exceptional comfort; especially when it comes to pairing them with certain new or trendy garments such linen or well-tailored shirts. The rise of such trends demand no-show vests that drapes naturally on your body and feels like a second skin; without any uncomfortable wrinkles. This is why, Jockey’s Micro Modal Cotton Blend vests have become a huge hit as they offer optimal comfort and wicks moisture away, so you can go about your day feeling fresh.



Modern men today are very vocal about their needs and brands like Jockey are all ears to such demands.