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4 Extraordinary Bras that will Turn your Day Around

4 Extraordinary Bras that will Turn your Day Around

After a cosy and relaxed Sunday, it can be quite difficult to get through a whole week of hustling and juggling with everything that life throws at you, right? Well, we understand that getting back to your usual routine can be difficult. Hence, we are here to give you some motivation. Ladies, your outfits, especially your innerwear can play a big role in uplifting your mood and setting the vibe for the day. So, let us show you how you can take charge of it -


Motivational Morning

Start your day with the right attitude and mindset by giving your body the adrenaline rush it needs by hitting the gym! But, wait don’t forget to put on your sports bra. Many women forget or ignore the fact that physical exercise includes a lot of movements, which may impact your breast tissue and result in soreness, sagging and pain, as they make your breasts move rapidly in different directions. A good sports bra, with the right fit, can cut these movements in half, giving you the freedom to achieve your fitness goals without any restrictions. Plus, they complete your gym look perfectly!


Be A Boss

It’s time to own the day and be your own boss! Whether you work at home, from home or commute to the office every day, it is important to give your body the comfort and support it deserves, while you multitask your way to success. This is when Magic Undercup Bra from Jockey Woman comes into the picture. This amazing and innovative bra gives you the support and lift of an underwire bra, without the wire. Moreover, it comes with detachable straps so you can easily team it up with your favorite work fit and ace that presentation or interview. A perfect workmate, eh?


Party Mode ON!

Take the stress off the day by dressing up in a cute outfit and going dancing or simply chilling with friends. Don’t forget to put on a stunning bra like Jockey’s strapless bra that is designed with detachable straps and an Ultragrip band, called GECKO elastic, which provides excellent grip and support. So, you can wear those backless outfits or tube tops with complete confidence and look oh-so-fabulous!


Be Nap-Ready

Now, it’s time to hit the bed and enjoy the unhooked feeling with Jockey’s sleep bra that lets you sleep like a baby enveloped in the softest fabric that’s made with 92% cotton, 8% lycra, so your body gets the comfort it truly deserves. This slip-on sleep bra comes with removable pads and an ultrasoft and durable band that lets you drift off into a deep slumber, uninterrupted.


Let’s understand the fact that our innerwear plays a significant role in shaping our day and mood. So, make sure to add high-quality pieces to your wardrobe that not only work well with your outfits but also positively impact your lifestyle.