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5 Fabulous Yoga Looks You Must Own In 2021

5 Fabulous Yoga Looks You Must Own In 2021

Gone are those days when yoga used to be considered an old, unchanging meditation regime, assumed to be practiced by the monks on the hill. Today, yoga has come a long way and become, dare I say, “trendy” even.

Innovators around the world, yes, Indians are not the only ones who practice this art, have picked up threads of diverse practices and have beautifully woven them to create something that entices the current generation. In fact, some types of yoga like Ashtanga, Power Yoga and Anusara seem well established now, but they were once young upstarts themselves.

Similarly, with the art, fashion for this form of exercise has changed too. Instead of baggy, linen or cotton pants, you have fashion-forward performance outfits that not only keep your sartorial choices in check but also protect your body, while letting you move freely; unobstructed.

Listed below are some of our favorite looks we think you must add to your cart RN. Let’s check them out:


Yoga involves a low-impact workout that requires a lot of flexibility and movement. This is why it is important to seek out bras that are minimal in design but maximal in support like our sports bra. The right bra will be lightweight, breathable and allow freedom of movement.


Designed to help you feel stylish and confident, performance tank tops for yoga are perfect for women who like to dress according to the occasion. These athletic tops tend to run a bit long, ensuring that you don’t have to constantly readjust them during difficult poses. Also available in stunning pastel shades, Jockey’s tank tops are designed using StayFresh & StayDry Technology that keeps you going all day long. It’s definitely an item worth investing in. What do you think?


Yoga pants are today’s denim! They are comfortable, stretchable and stylish too. So you can wear it outside and look effortlessly fab. These pants are designed to help you move freely through the yoga sequence and make it easier for you to monitor your posture, movements and form perfectly.


Never settle for something ordinary – a general rule you must follow in life and fashion. So, pick a stylish Capri from your favourite brand that not only looks uber cool but is also functional; especially if you are planning to work out in it. Pick the one that is lightweight, has a good fitting and comes with pockets.


Athleisure leggings are a big hit this season! Why, you ask? Well, because they feel like a second skin – smooth, stretchable and super comfortable. Besides, these leggings support your movement and allow you to concentrate on your asanas without feeling the need to adjust your waistband every now and then. It doesn’t matter if you are someone who has just started practicing this workout routine or have been doing yoga for many years.

What matters is that you have the right equipment and outfit that enhances and supports your movements & helps bring out the best in you. And, of course, make you look stunning while you are at it!