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Active bras that help achieve your fitness goals

Active bras that help achieve your fitness goals

Picking the right sports bra is not rocket science. It may seem like a lot of work, but if you have the right information about the product as well as the intensity of your workout, you will never go wrong.

For this, it is also important to check crucial details about the bras, instead of simply adding it to your cart because you like the color or style. Remember, physical activities teamed with continuous and repetitive movements can result in soreness, sagging and pain, as they make your breasts move rapidly in different directions.

A good sports bra, with the right fit, can cut these movements in half, giving you the freedom to achieve your fitness goals without any restrictions.

To minimize your research work, we have listed a few activewear bras for every workout in this blog. Letโ€™s check them out:

Low Intensity Workouts meet Low impact bras

A low impact activewear bra, is great for yoga, pilates, lounging at home, running errands or doing activities that require less bounce and more stretching. Designed to offer full coverage and support, these bras keep everything in place and lets you move freely.

When shopping for low impact Sports Bra, ensure you pick the ones that are crafted with super combed cotton elastane stretch fabric, offer moisture wicking properties & StayFresh technology. Such features will keep you comfortable and allow you to focus on your workout better.

Medium impact sports bra for intense workouts

If you are a runner who wears regular bras on your run, you must quit right now! Regular bras like T-shirt bras or everyday bra are not designed to give your breasts the support they need while running or jumping. This will only cause sagging, rashes, sore shoulders and chaffing.

To avoid such issues and discomfort, invest in a good medium-impact bra that is crafted with polyamide elastane stretch fabric, and ultra-soft and durable bands that allow minimal movement of your breasts and offers maximum support. Such bras provide adequate compression for all your medium impact activities and workouts.

Pro tip: Opt for a racerback style to enjoy perfect comfort, fit & support on your runs.

Sports bras for high-motion activities

If you indulge in workouts that make you really sweaty, it is important to look for activewear bras that offer moisture move treatment that wicks away sweat easily. Also, donโ€™t forget to keep an eye on the fabric, as it plays an important role in providing comfort during your workouts.

So, look out for a bra that is made out of soft material, is lightweight, and doesnโ€™t make it too difficult for you to move in or out of it.

Besides this topic, a common question that we often hear is, โ€œCan I wear an activewear bra throughout the day?โ€ The answer is, yes! Yes, you can wear an activewear bra all day long. However, for all day comfort and support, it is best to switch to a low-impact bra.

Remember, suffering through your workout will never let you reach your fitness goal. So before you begin this journey, make sure to arm yourself with the right gear that can help you reach your destination, sweat-free, safe and happy!