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Celebrate Every Moment Of Life With Jockey!

Celebrate Every Moment Of Life With Jockey!

Our life is filled with small but significant moments that often go unnoticed until we reflect upon them much later. Through the week, it’s rising early, working out and hustling; often struggling to find moments of peace and quiet.

Then the weekend makes way and gives us a few extra hours of sleep, more family time and the joy of relaxation and comfort. But what truly defines our days are the outfits we spend them in.

Our apparels have the potential to dictate our mood, behavior and attitude, both to ourselves and others. Hence, it is important to upgrade your wardrobe with essentials that can boost your spirit and add a dash of style to everyday drama. Sound’s tough, but it ain’t! In the last several years,

Jockey has crafted apparel that are innovative, inclusive, interesting and even inspirational for other brands. It has given individuals around the world a chance to experience comfort on all days of the week, irrespective of the activity they indulge in, by designing apparel that fit every occasion. Wondering how that’s possible? Well, read on:

Staycay #InMyJockey

Had a long, tiring work week? Plan a Staycay with your partner or throw a party for one and make sure the dress code is ‘casual and comfortable.’ Dress in your favorite t-shirt and shorts and enjoy every second of the day doing what you love. Sound like a plan?

WFH #InMyJockey

So, what if the weekend is over, with Jockey, you can still keep your body in a relaxed mode. Just make sure to select an outfit that lets you jump from breakfast to business in no time. Love the idea? Then check out these styles.

Workout #InMyJockey

Love to start your day on a high note. Well then make sure you are equipped with apparel that supports your move! No, we don’t mean equipment. Besides investing in good workout & training gear, it’s important to purchase clothes that enhance your workouts.

It is necessary to make sure they are made of stretchable fabric and most importantly are versatile in nature like Jockey’s Athleisure Collection. So, you can choose to chill or grill or do both, without finding the need to change your outfits.

Weekend #InMyJockey

We all need a day when we don’t want to do ANYTHING! Just enjoy a late breakfast in bed, watch movies in our Pyjamas and play our favorite game ALL DAY! But will that be a great day, without a comfortable OOTD? We think not!

Look stylish #InMyJockey

While comfort should of course come first, but let’s be honest. Will you spend your money on a boring, dull outfit? Hell, no! So, no matter what you choose to do, make a promise to yourself to do it in style in your Jockey, because hey #NothingFitsBetter, right? ;)

Our apparel and colors are one of the most powerful ways through which we can express our emotions. So, what are you waiting for? Wake up and choose #Jockey!