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Cheer for your favourite team with Jockey

Cheer for your favourite team with Jockey

The Indian cricket’s crown jewel IPL, is back and it’s bigger than ever! So, bring out the drums and the horns and let the music and mania take over, as the 15th chapter of this story unfolds over the next couple of months.

And, while the bat swings in the air, and the ball rolls on the ground, over and over again, finally declaring one team as the winner of the season, you can play an important supporting role too, by sporting your favourite team’s colours. Yes! So, this season, fill your wardrobe with the colours of your beloved team and show your loyalty by flaunting them everywhere.

Let us show you how –

Royal Challengers Bangalore

Big fan of RCB? Then it’s time to introduce bold colours such as, red and gold to your wardrobe. You can also keep an eye for t-shirts that showcase a dazzling combination of navy blue and red. This will give you a chance to accessorize your outfit with a hint of gold, to get that perfect look.

Kolkata Knight Riders

Kolkata the ‘City of Joy’ has an amazing team with an even amazing colour scheme that makes their jerseys stand out in the field. The electric purple and bright yellow are stunning, yet fun shades that the team proudly dons this season. So, how can any loyal supporter not want to embrace their favourite team’s vibrant colours, right? If you are a fan, check out Jockey’s tank tops for men and t-shirts for women right away.

Chennai Super Kings

One of the most adored and loved teams of all, CSK has ruled many seasons of the IPL, and showed their potential over and over. So, if you love this team for their calibre or simply because of their ex-captain, MS Dhoni, and want to show your support in style, we recommend adding some stunning bright shades of yellow to your wardrobe. You can check out printed t-shirts for women and trendy polo t-shirts for men online.

Delhi Capitals

Pick either red or blue (or both!) to support the Delhi Capitals this IPL. Both the colours are fantastic primary shades that stand out in the crowd, grabbing all the attention to your stunning fashion choice and cheering voice. You can also add a touch of white to your ensemble to get a casual, fun look on point.

Mumbai Indians

The colour of the Mumbai Indians, blue, gives you a chance to don this unique shade and look super fashionable even in a crowded stadium. So, this IPL, show your support for the team, by dressing up in a Jockey v-neck t-shirt for men and women, that look effortlessly chic over a pair of denim or selecting from a range of round neck t-shirt.

Rajasthan Royals

Wanna scream out loud to let everyone know your support is reserved for the Royals without saying anything at all? Just pick the right shade of pastel pink or blue, before hitting the stadium or even your living room. The best part? You can don these shades throughout the year, at work or home, and show the world where your heart really lies.

Sunrisers Hyderabad

That one team that wears its spirit on their sleeves, is the Sunrisers Hyderabad. And, the team’s jersey colour reflects just that. A mix of bright orange and deep black, this is probably one of the loudest yet stylish combinations on the ground. Don’t you agree? And guess what, Jockey has just the right shades for you too.

Kings XI Punjab

Make a bold statement by wearing the team’s stunning and vivid colour, bright red, to the upcoming matches, to show your support. A colour so bright and daring, there’s no chance you won’t get the same attention as the players themselves.

Lucknow Super Giants

Lucknow, folks, finally here’s your chance to show your love and loyalty to your home city. Join the rest of the country in the IPL madness and cheer out loud for your favourite new team by dressing up in the same shades, as the team’s jersey. Don’t look any further because Jockey’s got you covered.

Gujarat Titans

And, lastly, another new team in the season this year, is Gujrat Titans. Dressed in two unique shades of blue, the team is all set to make a powerful impact and give their fans a reason to roar with pride. Now, it’s up to the fans to show this new team their support, love and undeterred loyalty. And one way to do that is by donning similar shades of their jersey and cheering loudly with the Titans.

So, this IPL season, no matter whom you are rooting for, just remember to have fun and flaunt the colours of your favourite team proudly with Jockey!