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Cool Tips to Style Your Leggings This Summer

Cool Tips to Style Your Leggings This Summer

Now, more than ever, our busy schedules demand comfortable and practical outfits. But, does that mean, we should compromise on style? Of course, not. With the advent of athleisure clothing, which combines function and fashion together to create a chic look, we have doors wide open to experiment with our style, but most importantly, a chance to put comfort before everything else.

Having said that, one item that has stood out from the athleisure segment and been loved, embraced, and even adored by women around the world are the very versatile - leggings.

No other clothing item seems to be as pervasive as a good pair of leggings for women. They are no longer just a workout buddy, cotton leggings have become an integral part of all our outfits these days; from workdays to weekends and presentation meetings to parties, they have literally blurred the lines between workout attire and streetwear.

Now, if you are someone who hasnโ€™t embraced this trending fashion yet, let us help you with a few styling tips to bring you up to speed โ€“

Sweatshirt And Leggings

Letโ€™s start with a classic styling tip โ€“ sweatshirt with leggings. You may have already spotted celebrities from all over the world sporting this outfit at the airport, while running errands, walking their dogs, etc. This is simply because, itโ€™s an effortless styling trick that makes you look very well put together while keeping you absolutely comfortable.

Style tip โ€“ Wear white sneakers and add your favorite jewellery to make this a perfect outfit for a quick brunch date with your girls.

Crop Top And Leggings

If you want to keep your wardrobe cool and comfy, this summer, add a few crop tops in your closet. A cami crop top with your favorite leggings blends like peanut butter and jelly; they go perfectly well together and create an undeniably chic look that is super edgy yet so comfy, youโ€™ll want to live in it.

Style tip โ€“ Throw a cover-up, a denim jacket or a bomber jacket if youโ€™d like to get a more fluid silhouette. You can also add boots and aviator shades to complete the look.

Round Neck T-Shirt And Leggings

Picture this - youโ€™re lounging at home, sipping on your favorite cold coffee and binge-watching a sitcom on Netflix, when your friends text you for a quick meetup. What do you do?

Well, if you are in a classic round neck t-shirt and black leggings, you brush your hair and walk out the door looking camera ready. This outfit has been literally curated for lazy girls, who do not like to put too much effort into styling, yet want to look fresh and fabulous in a jiffy.

Style tip โ€“ You can tie up your hair in a bun, or put a baseball cap on, jump into your favourite black sneakers and tie a denim jacket around the waist, in case the temperature drops in the night.

Sports Bra And Leggings

Got a cool sports bra lying in your closet? Then skip the t-shirt and show it off with your favorite pair of leggings. This style has been embraced, or rather exploded by celebrities everywhere as itโ€™s super chic and comfortable and so easy to style. The trend is mostly favored by people who are into fitness, as it lets you transition easily from practicing yoga, Pilates, kick-boxing or any other physical exercise to grabbing lunch or going on a coffee run.

Style tip โ€“ Choose minimal accessories and the comfiest pair of sneakers. Remember, less is more.

Tank Tops And Leggings

Just like leggings, tank tops for women are also super versatile. They can be teamed with almost every outfit in your closet, but they look absolutely wonderful with a good pair of leggings. And, they give you a plethora of styling options to choose from. For example, you can pair ladies tank top with a bright sports bra underneath, or twist your tee in a knot on one side to get a trendy look. The choices are endless.
Love the idea?

Style tip โ€“ If this is your choice of outfit for an evening out at the mall or movies, carry a crossbody sling bag and throw a denim jacket on top to look like an absolute fashionista.

So, ladies, which one of these is going to be your go-to look this summer?