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Embrace womanhood with Jockey Woman’s Beginner’s Bra!

Embrace womanhood with Jockey Woman’s Beginner’s Bra!

Your journey towards womanhood can be defined in two words – exciting & awkward. On one hand, you’re super pumped to discover a whole new world that’s nothing like the one you have known before, and on the other hand, it can seem quite overwhelming!

We get it!

Once a teen hits puberty, there are several changes that her body goes through, which throws her off guard and makes the whole transformation seem like a bumpy road trip. But, you know what? With the right support and comfort, any trip can turn into a memorable one.

So, let’s take the first step together and talk about lingerie; or more specifically, beginner’s bra. A beginner’s bra is designed for young girls to support the development of their breasts. Tailored to be comfortable, supportive and fuss-free, these bras give girls a chance to embrace this transformation and be more confident.

For the first timers here, Jockey Woman’s exclusive collection for growing girls, also known as ‘Miss Jockey, exhibit some of the finest bras that can make things easy for you. Miss Jockey bras are crafted with the softest fabric that keeps you comfortable all day, is lightweight and super easy to slip in and out of it.

To help you further, we have listed all the features you must tick off your list before investing in your first bra ever:


An ideal beginner’s bra should be made of stretchable material, so your body can grow without any restrictions. Hence, it is important to look for bras that are crafted with soft and super combed cotton elastane stretch fabric. Cotton is also known as the ‘king of fibers’ so you’ll notice that the fabric is generally more light and breathable, which will also ensure you feel relaxed & stay comfortable all day long.


When purchasing a bra for the first time, it is best to keep it simple. As your body is growing slowly, it’s advisable to give it the right support and comfort it deserves, before indulging in anything fancy. Therefore, shop for wire free bras. This will allow unrestricted movement, plus, they are also easy to wear.


The main purpose of a beginner’s bra is to offer comfort & coverage. So, when you are searching for one, pick those that provides medium to full coverage. This will help you in avoiding top and side spillage and give you the right amount of support from all sides. Moulded and double layered cups would give the seamless smooth look to pair your first bra with various outfits.

Adjustable Straps

Never ignore the construction of your bra’s strap. Ensure they are soft, smooth and adjustable so they don’t droop your shoulders or dig into it. Such straps are designed to provide chafe-free bust support.


This is definitely new territory for you, but that doesn’t mean you should compromise on style. Look for your favorite color and style options and don’t give up until you find them. After all, every beginning deserves to be a sweet one.

There’s no denying that this newness can bring a certain amount of awkward or embarrassing moments, but it can also be exciting and fun. So take the help you need, talk to your friends, mother or anyone you’re most comfortable with and you’ll see this bumpy road trip transform into a journey you’ll always cherish!

Happy bra shopping, young ladies!