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Everything you need to know about your favorite lingerie brand!

Everything you need to know about your favorite lingerie brand!

The definition of ‘beauty’ has been written, erased, and re-written more than any word in the dictionary. But, today, it is more inclusive than it has ever been. After years of arguments, demands, and protests, the term itself has been expanded to make room for women of all color, sizes, ages and abilities. Thereby, creating a space where everyone feels accepted and welcomed for who they are.

This has given women across the world a chance to open up to their physicality, forging a stronger relationship with their bodies.

So, yes!

She isn’t hiding anymore. She is unafraid, confident, fierce and beautiful in every way. And she is looking for someone who understands her and all her different moods, vibes & feelings.

Like Jockey Woman.

Jockey Woman, as a brand, understands that a modern woman isn’t just this or that. She cannot be labeled and put into a box or generalized for she is different, unique and extraordinary in her own way. She makes her own choices and lives a colorful life that requires extraordinary support and comfort, especially from Women innerwear.

So, she can live and love her life at every stage, every age, at every moment and every situation. Hence, the brand has crafted and curated bespoke lingerie that are as versatile as her. These products, available in a variety of sizes, colors and styles, are designed to let her embrace her individuality, personality and moods, such as

1. A T-shirt Bra that keeps you comfy on your impromptu vacay with your BFF

2. A sexy Multi-way Strapless bra to match the vibe of your off-shoulder dress

3. A Lounge Bra that lets you kick back, relax and enjoy your ‘me-time’

4. A Plus-Size Bra that gives you the freedom to embrace your curves confidently

5. A stunning Sleep Bra that’s tailored to help you catch a nap or enjoy uninterrupted dreams

6. A Nursing Bra that makes motherhood a joyful experience

7. A cool Active Bra to keep you focused on your fitness journey

8. A Beginner’s Bra that offers comfort, support & style during your growing years

9. An excellent Everyday Bra that makes every single day a fabulous one.

Jockey Woman offers all this & more! After all, she knows that you are not one kind of a woman, you are many, and every side of you– beautiful, boring, blah & everything in between, deserves to be celebrated!