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Finally, a plus size bra that fits my curves perfectly!

Finally, a plus size bra that fits my curves perfectly!

If you are a plus-sized woman, you’d know how annoying and incredibly difficult shopping for lingerie and intimates can be. Especially, when you are looking for a bra that looks great & gets the job done but does not look like it belongs in your grandmother’s wardrobe.

Well, Jockey Woman gets you!

Every woman deserves to dress up in stunning bras that make her feel confident & feminine, but also offer the right support and structure. This is why we have constructed a range of plus size bras that allows you to build a bra wardrobe you’ll absolutely adore.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the key elements of Jockey Woman’s plus size bras, before you get your hands on them:


Jockey Woman’s wireless, non-padded bras are designed with breathable, natural fabric that keeps you comfortable and covered all day long.

These non-wired bras offer an incredible amount of support, minus any irritation or poking, so you can continue working, moving and dancing to the rhythm of your own music.

Full Coverage

One of the most common problems that plus size women experience is spillage. This can be due to many factors – incorrect size, non-stretchable fabric, unique styles, but mainly coverage. Women with fuller breasts require more coverage and extra support at all times.

Providing utmost comfort in super combed cotton elastane stretch fabric, Jockey Woman’s full coverage bras come with plush inner fleece lining in the cups which help conceal the nipples and give you the right support & cover. This is one of the main reasons why full coverage bras top the list. Always.

Adjustable Straps

When shopping for a plus size bra, ensure you take a good look at the construction of the straps. If the bra is wireless, the straps will do a majority of the lifting. Therefore, they need to be durable and adjustable, so they don’t dig into your skin or leave angry red marks on your shoulders.

This is why Jockey Woman’s plus size bras come with soft and broad adjustable straps that provide a perfect fit without causing any strain.

Wide Wings

Jockey Woman’s plus size bras come with wide wings that smoothen out the back to give you that firm hug feeling. Now, this is important because bras technically work by distributing the weight of your bust around your body.

So, the wider the wings of the bra, the more surface area it has, and the more support it’s able to offer. Hence, you may have noticed or experienced that even a great underwire bra designed with a flimsy wing is nothing but a complete waste of money.

Side Shaper Panels

This innovative feature in Jockey Woman’s plus size bra helps perfect your silhouette by containing the bust and keeping it in place, while giving it a natural shape.

The side panels also create smoother lines so you can team it up with any outfit of your choice & be ready to own the day!

Color Options

A colorful wardrobe of bras will make the start of your day even more colorful and Jockey Woman makes sure your days are filled with colors. This is exactly why she brings to you bras that are not only comfortable and supportive but also come in many colors with beautiful & delicate lace detailing, so you don’t have to compromise on anything.