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Here’s what makes jockey woman bras exceptional!

Here’s what makes jockey woman bras exceptional!

Did you know that bras were once designed by stitching two handkerchiefs together and wrapping a bow in the centre? Well, that was a long time ago; before the evolution of brassiere changed the game for women everywhere. No more dull, basic and unsupportive bras or body-sucking corsets. Thank God!

Today, women have such amazing options to choose from that not only perfects our silhouette but also makes us feel comfortable in our lingerie. There are stunning styles, designs and fabrics to choose from that are tailored to match our unique lifestyle and give us the right support at every stage, right from puberty to adulthood. It’s incredible, isn’t it?

Jockey Woman is one of the few most comfortable innerwear brands in the world that focuses its energy and resources on crafting products that are marked by style, fabrics and cuts, but most importantly by comfort and care.

Now, let’s take a look at certain specific details that sets this brand apart from its competition.


Gone are the days when you bought a bra and that’s all you got. Today, undergarments are constructed with the help of advanced technology that helps in improving your lifestyle and makes every day extraordinary. Some of the technologies used by Jockey Woman for their bras are:

1. StayDry treatment with additional evaporation properties to help you stay dry throughout the day

2. StayFresh treatment with antimicrobial properties to help you stay fresh

3. Moisture Move treatment to wick sweat away from the body

4. Gecko Tech-Skin friendly ultra-grip band used in our Multiway Strapless Bra

5. Magic Under cup bra that provides support of an underwire without having an actual under wire in the product

6. Flexi Wire, which is a soft, flexible wire that is designed to flex and move freely with the body.

7. Bonding technology used in lounge bra helps with no seam comfort for all-day wear.


Jockey Woman offers a variety of superior quality fabrics ranging from Cotton Elastane to Microfiber. The brand ensures that the material used to craft each product is of high quality, so the wearer can enjoy what the brand wants to sell – comfort & support. There are absolutely no compromises made on quality here.


Jockey Woman’s bras are constructed in a way that ensures it fits and suits different body types. For example: Cup construction: Ranging from three-section cut and sew cup for additional support to moulded cups for a seamless look.


Jockey Woman’s padded bras come with the softest padding, which offers high comfort. Soft & smooth adjustable straps: All the bras from Jockey Woman are designed with soft and smooth adjustable straps, which are easy on the body and do not dig into the skin or leave any marks.


The brand offers a variety of coverage options to suit the requirement of the consumers, such as full coverage, medium coverage and plunge neckline.


All the products available here are label-free, which reduces any chances of developing rashes on your body. Plus, labels tend to poke, stick, and itch, making it extremely uncomfortable for the wearer.

Sizes: Jockey Woman’s bras are available in a wide range of sizes beginning from 30B to 42D, making it an inclusive brand that serves women of all shapes and sizes.

Styles: In terms of styling, Jockey Woman aims to deliver products that appeal to modern women who love to try new trends, are unafraid of picking bold colors and do not like to compromise on either comfort or style. Keeping all this in mind, the brand offers a range of bras that support unique styling elements, such as front open bra, lace back styling, racerback styling, strappy back styling, lace print styling, multiway styling, cross over neckline and so much more that lets you enjoy every day with maximum style and comfort.

So, whether you plan an impromptu adventure with your BFF, need to attend a corporate event or simply hangout at home, Jockey Woman will always have your back.

The process of tailoring a bra will most likely be the same across the industry, but it’s the little details, high-quality fabric and advanced technology used by a brand that makes a world of difference. So, before you make your next purchase, make sure the brand checks all the boxes.