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How You Can Make A Basic Tank Top Look Ultra-Cool!

How You Can Make A Basic Tank Top Look Ultra-Cool!

Fashion trends are constantly evolving and changing every year. Over time, new trends replace the old ones, except for those that have made a niche for themselves. For example, the little black dress, or the classic blue jeans paired with a white tee have been ruling the glamour industry for years now and they don’t seem to be going out of fashion any time in the future.

One such item that has also found its forever home in the fashion world is tank tops. They are super versatile and can be styled in a TON of ways. No wonder this piece of clothing has been an absolute favourite of many style icons like Taylor Swift, Britney Spears, David Beckham, Chris Hemsworth and more.

So, this summer, if you’ve been considering the idea of taking out your tank tops for a spin, we’ve got you! Here are a few ways you can style them:

Color Me Cute

Tank tops come in various style and colors. So make the most of it by picking shades that suit your style and girl, flaunt it! Make it the center of attention by adding a few pieces of simple, yet chic jewelry; and if you are at the beach, add an XL straw hat to complete your ensemble.

For men, it is crucial to pick the right fit. A relaxed-fit tank top with minimal prints or pattern will give your outfit a focal point. Pro tip: Don’t go too short in length.

Be A Style Icon

The most beautiful thing about these tops is that they are wonderfully versatile. So your options for wearing them are endless. Having said that, when paired with the right bottom wear, your style quotient automatically reaches the roof! No kidding. Pick a basic tank top and pair it with a pencil skirt to see the magic unfold. Moreover, this combination works perfectly for both office and post office hours.

Men, you can never go wrong with a sports-inspired tank top. Not only do they look super cool, but they also allow you to make a fashion statement. Team it with a pair of ripped jeans and sneakers to get a really sweet look.

Go Casual

If “fashion goals” for you mean simple, super cazh, easy-breezy styling, then girl, you do you! Pick a block-colored tank top that’s airy, breathable and slightly longer. Pair it with sporty drawstring shorts, which are trending hard this season. It’s a casual outfit you’ll find yourself wearing over and over again. Plus, it’s so comfortable that you’d want to work out in them too!

All you boys out there, if your sartorial choices are the same, you won’t be disappointed either. The market is flooded with longline silhouettes that are predicted to become a staple this season. However, this trend relies on monochromes, so pick basic colors like grey, black and white.

Another important factor to consider before making a purchase is to ensure that the product offers deep armhole for extra comfort and comes with StayDry & StayFresh technology to keep you fresh and relaxed all day.

Layer It Right

A tank layered with joggers looks absolutely stunning! Pair it with a long trench coat or a thick shrug to achieve a flawless look. But, if you are planning to wear a tank top to your office, we would suggest you incorporate an oversized blazer with high-waist denim to get a polished silhouette.

A lot of men think that tank tops are designed only for the gym or to chill in at home. Boys, you couldn’t be more wrong! These tops are super versatile and we suggest that if you have a favorite, make the most of it. Layer it with a plaid shirt or blazer to get a casual or professional look.

By now, you have discovered a number of ways to style your tank tops for the season. Now, it’s time to start experimenting and stop wondering. So, what are you waiting for?