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Jockey’s Top 5 Autumn-Winter Fashion Staples for Everyone!

Jockey’s Top 5 Autumn-Winter Fashion Staples for Everyone!

If you are someone who loves to observe Mother Nature, you may have noticed the leaves turning yellow, the birds singing gloriously, a drop in the temperature and the sun packing up earlier than usual.

These are all signs of fall approaching gently towards our doorstep, with the news of winter, who’s not far behind.

So, hurry up, it’s time to Marie Kondo your wardrobe and pack up or donate anything that “does not spark joy.” For starters, you can begin by streamlining your style, creating a checklist of essentials and doing away with colours that don’t fit the vibe.

Too much? Don’t worry we’ve got you!

To get you started, we have listed Jockey’s top 5 autumn-winter fashion staples that you MUST HAVE in your wardrobe:


As they say, “Ladies first”, so we’ll start our blog by listing the first item specifically for all the girls who like to keep it sporty, chic and comfy. Women Leggings are the best invention EVER! Don’t you agree, girls?

They are super versatile, so you can dress them up or down and still look perfectly put together. Whether you want to lounge in them with an oversized tee or step out wearing a fancy blouse, cardigan and boots, you know your leggings will never let you down. So, if you don’t have one, get two! They’ll be worth every penny. Promise!


If you are looking for perfect essentials for fall & winter, this is it! Jackets for men and women have been in trend for as long as we know, and for a good reason. They are easy to style, functional and can be layered as per the temperature outside.

Besides, they are so soft, comfortable and fashionable that you can wear them to work too. So, ladies and gentlemen, what are you waiting for? C’mon, it’s time to cozy up.


With the introduction of athleisure clothing, joggers have transitioned from sportswear only to something that can be worn out & about. Mostly because they are super comfortable, versatile and lets you pull off that effortlessly stylish look with swag.

Available in different styles and colors, joggers for women and men are going to be your best friends this season. So, pick your favorite one and team it up with a denim or leather jacket to nail the OOTD every stylish celebrity swears by.


Oversized sweatshirts are in fashion again, so if you enjoy the feeling of being hugged by your oh-so-soft & comfy top, make the most of this season. Moreover, Jockey’s Men and women sweatshirts are crafted from French Terry fabric that is mostly made of cotton, which gives you a soft and plush texture you’ll want to live in.

These sweatshirts not only look absolutely chic but also keep the cold at bay. Don’t believe us? Go ahead, google oversized sweatshirt looks and tell us you don’t want to try them this fall. We know, you are surely going to.


Last, but not least in this essential list for the upcoming season are socks! Ensure you shop for different styles and colors, so when you have to rush, you always find the right one to team with your outfit.

Besides, while shopping cross-check to see if the material offers maximum comfort and stretch, so you don’t end up scratching yourself out with a twig or something. Haven’t we all been there, done that?

Remember, you don’t have to follow any fashion trend just because it’s popular, instead, this season, make your own style statement with Jockey!