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Jockey Shorts: The New Summer Uniform

Jockey Shorts: The New Summer Uniform

What’s your summer uniform? We at Jockey, are ready to win this season with our trendy, lightweight and comfortable shorts that are crafted to keep us looking and feeling uber-cool. Available in an array of colours and designs, these shorts also give a nod to the trend that American and European celebs have adopted this season with fervour, giving us the ‘wink of approval’ we need to rock our shorts, all summer long.

How about you? Want to jump on the trend with us? If you do, here are a few of our faves you must absolutely check out –

Classic & Chic

Boys and girls, if you love to go for brunch with your pals or run some errands in the same outfit, because you don’t have the time or patience, we feel you! This is why, you need to get your hands on some incredible shorts for men and women from Jockey that are tailored with side pockets and crafted with super combed cotton and comfortable waistband with snap button fastening, which easily takes quality and comfort to the next level. These shorts are versatile, functional, and so easy to style with t-shirts, tank tops, blazers and more. Trust us, you’ll want to live in them.

Trendy and Tasteful

We cannot deny the fact that summer has its own set of rules. While everything may seem more relaxed and breezier, the temperature during the day can get quite humid, sticky and unbearable. Hence, it is best to opt for shorts crafted from smart fabric that offer supreme quality and comfort. These premium shorts for women and men, are designed using innovative fabric that offers comfortable stretch, wicking properties and breathability. If you are planning to buy shorts that look clean and modern both in and out of the gym, these shorts online will be your best bet!

Stylish & Supportive

Looking for a pair of shorts that are both comfortable and cool? Go for Jockey’s athletic shorts for men and women that are also available in a variety of colours, styles and features that fit your lifestyle. Often decked with performance benefits, these shorts online allow seamless transition, giving you a chance to relax, run or rest in the same outfit.

Carefree & Comfortable

Literally, the best shorts for men and women to wear this summer. Period. Checkered shorts are cool, slim, ultrasoft and so stylish that you can easily step out in them, without changing into a more presentable outfit. These summer shorts are easy to style, comfortable to wear and perfect to relax in, on a lazy afternoon. Simply, team them up with your favourite round-neck t-shirt and you are ready for a comfy weekend.

These are some of the best Jockey shorts in our opinion. However, do not let this stop you from checking out some of our more amazing selections of shorts for men and women on our