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Recreate fab looks from classic holiday movies with Jockey!

Recreate fab looks from classic holiday movies with Jockey!

Classic holiday movies are always filled with so much drama, good music, amazing story and of course, brilliant outfits. Don’t you think? From cosy and colourful knitwear to monochromatic ensembles, there is plenty of fashion inspiration that can be found in these sweet and fun-filled movies that your whole family can watch together and enjoy recreating similar outfits soon after. Let’s take a look at some of them -

Sweet Home Alabama

This is one of the best and most popular rom com, starring a charismatic and endearing cast. The movie is about a young woman who has reinvented herself as a New York City socialite and must return to her hometown to Alabama. With the 2000s fashion coming back, there are a few amazing fashion inspirations you can try to wing this season, such as a classic black round-neck t-shirt from Jockey crafted from super combed cotton rich fabric. You can spot Reese Witherspoon adorning and acing a similar one throughout the movie.

Harry Potter

Harry Potter is a classic holiday movie that is loved and cherished by every 90s kid and is fast becoming popular among people of all ages today. After all, the whole HP series is filled with so many delightful characters and of course, the amazing costumes that cannot simply be ignored, right? So, what are you waiting for, from green full-sleeves t-shirts that symbolize the ‘Slytherin’ house to the red sweatshirt that showcases your loyalty towards Harry’s house ‘Gryffindor, make your wardrobe ready for Harry Potter marathon nights with Jockey!

Love Story

Love Story is one of the most romantic movies ever made that became an overnight movie sensation decades ago because of its poignant portrayal of a young couple who cross social barriers, marry and ultimately face the greatest crisis of all. The outfits in this movie are quite simple and easy to recreate, such as the one on the poster, a simple black full-sleeves t-shirt, giving us fans a chance to feel like we are a part of a wonderful, romantic movie. Super easy to style and very versatile, you can wear this tee with any skirt or trousers of your choice. You can also layer it with comfy jackets for women that’ll keep you warm and up your style quotient.


Fed up with being single on holidays, two strangers agree to be each other's plus-ones all year long, only to catch real feelings along the way. The movie has slowly made its way into many people’s ‘holiday movie list’ mostly because of its theme, outfits and everyone’s favorite but expected – Christmas miracle.
Now, if you are planning to recreate this iconic outfit as worn by you OTP, now is the right time! With our latest printed and solid top wear apparel crafted delicately with micro modal cotton t-shirts for men and women, you can now add a dash of comfort to all your plans.
While these movies offer a great way to channel your inner diva and experiment with fashion, don’t be afraid to try something unique, something that lets you be you – like Jockey!