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Step up your lifestyle

Step up your lifestyle

When it comes to innerwear, we believe that comfort is paramount. At Jockey, we design innerwear that’s made to be flaunted – we don’t think that innerwear should be plain and boring. As much as we believe in giving you the most comfortable experience, we also craft our products keeping style in mind. We have a wide and versatile collection to choose from, go ahead, take your pick. Whether you want to laze around all day, or hit they gym for a high intensity workout, we’ve got you covered. It’s crucial to keep upgrading in life, isn’t it? And just how you upgrade your wardrobe every season, it’s necessary to level up to better innerwear.

Jockey’s premium innerwear is made for the perceptive ones. While you level up in your life this range is an addition to your elevated lifestyle. Each and every style of innerwear in our International, Heritage and Move collection is a testament to the man who doesn’t compromise on the basics. Our premium innerwear has been crafted with world’s finest fabrics like Tactel, Micro-fiber, Micro-modal, Supima Cotton and Lyocell. Jockey premium innerwear are light weight, breathable, treated with special trademarked technology to ensure its Jockey or Nothing.

For the ones who care for the planet

Lyocell is a fabric that is not only comfortable, it is sustainable too. It is a lightweight fabric which is soft on the skin as well. It has natural anti-bacterial properties and is moisture absorbent, making it ideal for all day and night comfort.

For that Active Appeal

Whether fitness is your priority or style, we’ve designed diverse collections for all your various needs and preferences. Want to step up your fitness and beat your record on a daily basis? Our Move Collection is especially created to give you all the support and comfort you need during your workout.

As compared to regular underwear, the Move collection underwear is distinct because it is equipped with StayDry and StayFresh technology; that keeps you feeling refreshed and charged all day. They are ultra-light and are made from microfiber mesh, which not only gives you a great fit but also is breathable. With this collection, you’re bound to boost your comfort quotient and achieve all your fitness goals.

For that Vintage Vibe

If you are a person who loves visiting heritage sites and learning about ancient history, then why not select a collection of innerwear which has a heritage carried down for years with its own signature look. Jockey’s heritage collection is the perfect combination of style and luxury. Each piece has been crafted keeping Jockey’s rich heritage in mind. This collection has been crafted with utmost details and finesse to appeal to the classic man that you are! The heritage collection is a necessary upgrade for every man. This complete collection comes in classic colours, cuts and styles.

For that Modern Look

Like to try new things and visit new places or are you a collector of modern art which represents an evolving set of ideas? Just like how you search for these art galleries which suit your taste of modern art, upgrade to our International Collection which boasts of the most modern designs that have been designed keeping you in mind. These designs are not only chic, but have been exquisitely crafted for the best experience. With designs so comfortable, you’re sure to sail through even the most hectic days smoothly.

By choosing a pair from this collection, you will truly feel that you’ve stepped up your innerwear game. To feel your best on the outside, shouldn’t you feel comfy and relaxed on the inside? With Jockey’s range of innerwear collections, you surely can! Now choose from a range of trunks, briefs, boxers, vests and more. Our collections will leave you spoilt for choice.