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Tech in Textiles, what goes into the Jockey MOVE collection

Tech in Textiles, what goes into the Jockey MOVE collection

These past few months have got me thinking a lot about my personal health and fitness. While it’s true that I’ve never been much of a gymmer, with really nothing else to do with my time now (and all the gyms in my area closed until further notice), I find myself searching for fun ways to keep fit.

I’ve tried everything from online Zumba classes to yoga to HIIT routines. I’ve even dusted off the old cross-trainer! But in this ongoing quest to find my ideal home workout routine, one thing remains constant — my outfit. You see for me, finding the right outfit to work out in is often as hard as finding the workout itself.

I need something that’s comfortable, breathable, and doesn’t leave me feeling gross once I’m done. And I’ve found all that and more in the Jockey MOVE Collection.

StayFresh — Keeps Germs at Bay

Working out is messy work — if you’re doing it right, you sweat. A lot. But perspiration-soaked clothes are a breeding ground for microbes that can cause fungal infections, body odor, skin irritations, and other issues.

That’s where the StayFresh technology comes into play. It equips your clothes with anti-microbial properties that keep your workout wear fresh throughout the day. So whether you’re wearing it to the gym, or just rocking the sporty look around town, you’re guaranteed to be as fresh as a daisy.

StayDry — Keeps Moisture Away

One of my least favorite feelings in the world is when the adrenaline of a workout fades away and you’re painfully aware of the wet cling of sweaty clothing against your skin. I’m a bit sensitive to certain textures, and I find most clothing post-workout uncomfortable, kind of gross, and an immediate downer to the high of a workout well run.

The MOVE Collection has been a real gift in that sense since it uses StayDry technology for improved evaporation. No more sticky clothes!

Active stretch — Moves with You

Never underestimate the power of a good stretch. It can mean the difference between an exhilarating workout or an unfortunate mishap — and I’m not just talking about pulled hamstrings.

No one wants their yoga pants ripping in the middle of class. In my opinion, good activewear should be able to move with you, no matter what you choose to do that day. Active Stretch technology helps do just that.

The MOVE Collection uses elastane stretch fabric that allows you to comfortably test your limits — without pushing your wardrobe over its limit.

Smart Fabric — Breathes with You

These days, ‘athletic’ is both a style and a lifestyle — it’s not enough to just look the part, your clothes have to perform as well as you do. And if you’re going all out, you want the perfect fit, something that lets you move your body without being clingy or restrictive. Your clothes need to be breathable, quick to dry, and performance-ready at all times.

Whether you’re looking for joggers, tanks, or tracks, the MOVE Collection covers all those bases with Smart Fabric, engineered to be ready for anything, and ensuring that your wardrobe can keep pace with your lifestyle.

My search for the right home workout for my tastes may still be ongoing, but I know I have a committed partner in this challenge with Jockey. The MOVE Collection has been able to handle every activity I’ve thrown at it — and has proven itself stylish enough to wear outside of the gym.

Maybe one day I’ll find the perfect fitness routine, but until then I can rest easy knowing that if nothing else, my wardrobe is a perfect fit!