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The cosiest fashion essentials you need this winter

The cosiest fashion essentials you need this winter

Are you still layering yourself with multiple sweaters and overcoats? If you’re nodding to this question, it’s time to move on! Switch to thermals and enjoy the much-awaited winter season looking stylish outside, and warm inside. Oh, and don’t forget to keep your feet warm with the good and trusty socks from Jockey.


Now let’s look at some great styles inspired by you and crafted by us –



If you live in a relatively cooler destination, probably somewhere where it snows or the temperature drops down significantly, it’s important to get your hands on some incredible thermals for men and women from Jockey. Thermals are lightweight, comfortable on the body and perfect to layer with any of your outfits. However, before you plan to purchase one, make sure to check its fabric & tailoring details. For example, experts recommend picking a thermal with super fine & extra soft acrylic fibre for good heat retention and insulation, and a low-neck design to pair them easily with all your winter outfits.



From keeping your feet warm to giving your OOTD a polished look, socks are the real superheroes! While they aren’t always visible, they are an essential item of clothing required to help minimize friction and keep your feet happy and warm.


Jockey’s compact cotton socks with elastane welt for a 'no-sag' grip are designed to offer the first line of protection for your feet. They are crafted from natural fibers that help minimize perspiration. Moreover, these socks absorb moisture, prevent friction and keep your soles comfy, while making your feet look uber-stylish. Available in unique colours, prints and sizes, Jockey’s socks for men and women are tailored to fit your daily schedule like a dream.


Thermal Innerwear

Thermal vests for men and camisoles for women from Jockey’s thermal collection offer people a chance to stay stylish and warm at the same time. These soft and smooth innerwear options crafted from Superfine & Extra Soft Acrylic fiber are breathable, and constructed for unrestricted movement. They are also super easy to layer, and fit snugly on your body.


Winter is one of the most awaited seasons of the year, giving us a respite from the harsh summers and terrible monsoons. However, it can also be brutal if you don’t prepare well and cover yourself in a fabric that’s designed to keep the cold at bay. So, what are you waiting for?