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Top 4 Cosiest Outfits to Pair This Season

Top 4 Cosiest Outfits to Pair This Season

Do you think winters are synonymous with fashion? We, surely do! After all, there are so many cosy outfits to choose from and experiment with. The season also gives you a chance to play with unique and bold colours by layering them in trendy ways. But while some thrive in this season, others cannot help but wonder how people can look cute in their winter outfits, when it’s freezing and all you want to do is be a warm burrito.

Well, if you can relate, firstly, you must know that the best way to stay warm in winters is by investing in high-quality fabric. Secondly, once you have mastered the art of layering, you can easily take your fashion game to the next level by shopping for some really cozy outfits from Jockey.

Without further ado, let’s show you some of our favourite cosy looks –

Thermals Leggings + Joggers

When the temperature drops significantly, the only way to stay warm and comfortable is by opting for clothes that are designed to trap your body heat and keep you cosy, without being uncomfortable or bulky. Hence, we recommend layering thermal leggings for women and thermal long john for men, engineered with StayWarm & StayFresh treatment with antimicrobial properties that will keep you cosy and fresh throughout the day, with Jockey joggers, crafted from super combed cotton.

A combination of these amazing products and fabrics will ensure you are able to pull off the trendy “athleisure look” effortlessly, whilst adding snugness to your OOTD.

Round Neck T-shirt + Sweatshirt

The best way to nail this look is by choosing contrasting colours, such as whites paired with browns, or stripes with solid tones; honestly, the options are endless. So, pick the colours you are most comfortable with and layer them with a Jockey sweatshirt crafted from fabric such as terry French or fleece as these fabrics are super soft and comfy, and incredible lightweight and breathable too.

Thermal T-shirt + Jacket

If you are someone who doesn’t like layering a lot, this one’s for you! Make sure to pick the right Jockey thermal t-shirts that are tailored from ultra-smooth fabric that provides warmth and style on the go. It features a fine, soft interlock quality that has been manufactured from a high-quality material mix that absorbs moisture and protects you against the cold. So, you can easily pair this with your favourite Jockey Jacket or hoodie and you are all set.

Trackpants + Henley

This is the best and the cosiest outfit to lounge in or when you are working from home, while it gets colder outside. Jockey trackpants are made with super fine cotton that offers first-class comfort and when paired with a long sleeve Henley t-shirt, also crafted from super combed cotton rich fabric that is irresistibly soft and comfy, you are guaranteed to be in a good mood all day, because when you look good, you feel good too.

Remember, if you want to nail winter fashion, you must invest in products that are specially crafted to keep you warm. This way, you won’t freeze into an icicle and also look absolutely amazing, no matter how you choose to spend your days.