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Underwear commandments women should live by

Underwear commandments women should live by

Believe it or not, there’s an underwear rulebook When it comes to certain pieces of clothing in our wardrobes, we put in the extra effort and care to maintain them — sturdy hangers, garment bags, and dry cleaning.

What most of us don’t realize though is that our underwear needs a bit of extra TLC as well. So, for the sake of your lingerie and skin, take a look at the underwear commandments women should live by

Choose a comfy fit

The fit needs to fit The rule of thumb here is don’t go too snug or too loose — get measured professionally to find a fit and cut that is comfortable and allows your skin to breathe.

We suggest you avoid wasting money on the three-packs until you discover the perfect fit; after all, you don’t want to have your closet overflowing with underwear that is just not right.

First, buy singles in a couple of sizes to find the one that offers the best support and breathability for you.

Know your washing instructions

Wash and dry with care Washing instructions for underwear depend on the material and style. For instance, everyday bras need to be washed in cool water and cannot be put into a dryer as they could lose their shape.

Another way to go about it is a mesh lingerie bag that can conveniently go into the washing machine with other clothes. Some also prefer to hand wash with underwire bras or any lace and satin detailing for added care.

Opt for skin-friendly detergent

Think of it as a body wash If your underwear is going in the machine on laundry day, throw the bleach and perfumed detergent out the window because it’s the worst thing you can do for your skin.

Instead, try to source laundry detergent that is made for sensitive skin and is free of any dye, bleach, or scent. Pick wisely and both your skin and underwear will thank you.

Remember no-slip means no-machine

Special care for a special-occasion bra Going strapless or backless? Strapless bras that use an adhesive to stick to your skin can be extremely handy for those outfits that are ruined by visible straps.

It’s important to remember though that no-slip bras cannot be put into the washing machine and need to be hand-washed carefully so it doesn’t lose the adhesive that provides support in lieu of straps.

Replace your underwear regularly

Another excuse to go shopping We understand that it’s tempting to stick with underwear that you bought two years ago because the material is at its softest or the cut is simply flawless, but don’t do this.

Underwear should be replaced every six months or at least once a year. Circle a date on a calendar, put a reminder on your phone, or leave a sticky note for yourself somewhere — whatever you do, make sure to go underwear shopping often enough.

Double up when it comes to essentials

I’ll have two of each, please We all have our favorite non-wired bra with soft cups and a pair of cotton underwear that we’d like to rock every day, but wearing the same set too often will result in stretched out straps and faded material much faster.

Instead, when you find a fit and style that is comfortable under anything throughout the day, buy at least two and rotate them to prolong their use. We suggest you buy different colors or patterns to keep it fun. There you go — you’ve reached the end of our five underwear commandments.

Now you better hurry along to check the labels on your delicates and your detergent bottle, and if you haven’t bought new underwear in over a year, we suggest you visit right away.