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Winter is coming - 5 key fashion trends for 2021

Winter is coming - 5 key fashion trends for 2021

It’s that time of the year again when you can hear Mariah Carey’s beautiful voice floating in almost every store you enter. You can see people around the world celebrating different festivals, families reuniting, weekends being spent on the couch, watching classic movies, while the temperature outside gets cooler with each passing night.

You know what this means, right? Christmas is almost here and along with it comes everyone’s favourite season of the year – winter! So, let’s get winter fashion looks on our agenda and find out what are some of the best trends we must embrace this season.

Bold & Bold Colours

This winter, bright colours are back in style! Think bright tees, layered with muted colour jackets for men, bold sweaters, and colourful suits. The trend aims to add beautiful hues to the season and make the gloomy winter days a lot more cheerful. So, if you are someone who loves to stay on top of your fashion game, do not forget to add bright colours and bold silhouettes to your wardrobe this season.


While leggings have been extremely popular this year, thanks to the pandemic, it is really the combination that has surprised us. Yes, the popular fashion trend from the '00s is back for 2021 and pairing leggings with a skirt is once again considered cool.

If you are someone who hasn’t tried this combination before, here’s a pro tip – Mix your leggings with a midi skirt and pair it with your favourite cropped cardigan to get that extra cute look.

Black tones

Remember the black that rocked the 70s? Well, the designers have brought the forgotten tone, in all of its shades, back to give your winter outfits a slightly vintage look.

Moreover, the black outfit trend has also been crowned the unofficial shade of winter 2021. The tone is easy to style and so chic, you’ll even have the fashion police gaping at you.

Socks over loafers

Too early for boots and too cold for fancy shoes or high heels? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Chunky loafers are at the top of the flat style right now, plus, these shoes never really fail to stand out from the mainstream, especially when paired with longer-length socks, which not only looks chic but also keeps you warm and comfortable.

Now, while some like to keep it simple, you can choose to add a bit of festive enthusiasm by picking socks for women with stars, stripes or even snowflakes printed on them. After all, it’s all in the details, right?

There, now you can beat the cold with fashion that’s both practical and edgy.

Extra-long sleeves

If you are someone who loves to snuggle in long-sleeved tees, hoodies and sweatshirts, this one’s for you! The fashion gurus have given a nod to this trend that is already being loved and accepted by people everywhere.

Long sleeves t-shirts for men provide uninterrupted warmth and sophistication while keeping you comfortable and cosy, and they can be easily paired with different kinds of bottom wear too. So, cuddle up on your couch or a nice little café with extra-long sleeves adding warmth and vogue to your look.

So, this is it – top winter 2021 - 2022 trends that will be adorned by celebs, models and everyone who loves fashion. Tell us which one’s your fave?