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Your Guide to choosing the right workout wear

Your Guide to choosing the right workout wear

Everybody is talking about fitness and the benefits that go alongside. A positive outlook to life, you are sharper and more active, happier and more fulfilled, your productivity is enhanced, your skin looks great and all this in addition to the obvious improved physique and a clean chit for your health.

But how do you ‘get fit’?

This is the eternal question, how can I get fit fast? Truth is, you just have to do something. Run for one song, or stand up and stretch every one hour- the benefits are greater than you think!

It’s alright to excuse your way out of a workout, however when you start to feel and see the difference, you’ll actually really enjoy switching off from work, devices and getting some time for yourself to rest and get fit.

Sounds like fun, where should I begin?

There is no single exercise that can take care of all your needs. In fact, to get the benefits from your routine, you want a mix of activities during the course of the week. Getting the perfect balance of strength training, cardio and flexibility exercises will ensure you get the best results!

Once you are able to create an adequate diet and plan, is when you should focus on what to wear for your workout to suit your fitness goals and your lifestyle. Take a look at your training options and what workout wear gives you the maximum flex!


Some yoginis and more advanced yoga students wear loose fitting harlem pants to classes. But if you're just going on your first yoga for beginners class, we suggest you take the leggings or the capris route.

Wearing snug-fitting bottoms will make it easier for you to check the alignment of your hips, legs, and knees to perfect the yoga poses that you’ll be learning.

For the top, most women prefer to wear tank tops made of cotton and lycra, because it’s easy to cool off. Loose tees are a strict no-no because they tend to get in the way of your movement. Inside, you could choose to wear a sports bra or go for relaxed and lightweight t-shirts and tank tops with moisture wicking features that let you enjoy your session.


Deigned to work the entire body, HI'IT workouts focus heavily on endurance and tend to burn more calories in a shorter period of time compared to other standard workouts. The routines feature vigorous exercises and movements which is why it’s important to have an outfit that works with you.

For men, choose breathable tops and shorts designed to wick away sweat and allow you freedom of movement.

For women, go for tees and tanks with moisture wicking features, we also suggest you go for full-length or cropped leggings.

3. Running

Running becomes more comfortable when you have clothing that keeps you properly ventilated and dry. Choose running clothes for men and women that leave you cool and protect you from the overheard sun.

Wearing a cozy pair of socks will also help prevent rubbing of shoes on your bare feet, provide the necessary cushioning you need and help absorb moisture keeping your feet protected and dry.

4. Zumba

Zumba is all about the moving and grooving. While it is a fun way to break a sweat, it also becomes social hour, which feels more like a party than a workout.

Start with a sports bra that provides the necessary support you need. For the bottoms, go for leggings or capris that allow ease in movement and do not touch the ground. You’re going to be all over the place and don’t want to trip or get in anyone’s way. And finally, for the top, a tee, tank top or any top in breathable fabric will work, as long as you’re not tugging away or not too conscious.

5. Pilates

Suitable for all fitness levels, Pilates is a form of exercise that focuses on building core strength. For a typical class you’d want clothes to be form-fitting. Like Yoga, in Pilates the perfecting of poses lies in the nuances, which is why loose fitting clothes are not recommended since they conceal movement.

For women, it is advisable to wear a sports bra, or the bra you would choose for yoga. Although this form of exercise is not high-impact, wear a supportive bra will keep you comfort and let you concentrate on your routine. Wear tees and tank tops that are designed for flexibility and comfort and bottoms that don’t restrict your movement.

For men we recommend compression leggings or shorts. If you’re up for a layered look, then go for a cosy hoodie!

And finally, you’re going to sweat it out. In every workout, all the time. So we recommend you carry along a towel, something light weight, quick drying and is odour resistant, so you’re ready to crush every routine!

Oh and don’t forget the socks girls and boys.

So there you have it, going for moisture wicking workout fabrics is a great option for all kinds of fitness routines, even if you’re just starting out. Freedom of movement, flexibility and comfort should always come first to ensure maximum impact of your efforts and help you perform your best (and look good doing it too).