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6 Tips For Smart Bra Shopping

6 Tips For Smart Bra Shopping

Bras are the most reliable workhorses in any women’s wardrobe. However, shopping for bras can prove to be quite challenging. This is mostly because it can be slightly confusing whether you buy it online or at an physical store to understand the right size, fit and style that is not only best suited for your body type, but also offers the right support and comfort you need to get through a long day.

However, with the right knowledge and information you can shop the best bras online from your favourite store without getting up from your couch. Let us tell you how –

Know your size & style

bra size

This is the most important step, so do not skip this. Even if you think you know your size already, it is best to measure yourself before you shop for a new ladies bra. This is because our body is constantly changing and growing, hence, it is always recommended to check your size, especially if it has been more than six months, before you shop for a new bra online. Plus, try to not get distracted with new designs that you are unsure off, unless you want to experiment with a few new and trendy style options that you believe may look great on you.

Use the right tools

All you need is a soft measuring tape and a mirror to find your right dimensions. The math is pretty simple - subtract your under-boob ribcage circumference from the circumference of your breasts at their fullest point. Now the number you’re left with correlates to your alphabetical bra cup size. If that’s confusing, here are two images to help you understand better -

Always check the size chart

It is important to understand that while most innerwear brands try to cater to industry-specific sizes, yet, the sizes of ladies bra can have variations from brand to brand, & even from one style to another. Therefore, it is best to always check the bra size chart offered by the brand, on their website, before making you buy bra online.

Read the product description

Always remember that most bras online look very different in real life. Hence, in order to full-proof your purchase, read the product description. Here you’ll get all the information about the bras fabric, design, colour, technology and other important details that will prove to be very helpful; mostly, if the brand follows a ‘no-exchange’ policy. Given below is an example to help you understand better.

Rely on your favourite brand

For someone who is new to the world of ‘online shopping,’ it is best to make buy bra online from a brand you can trust or have been loyal to for many years. This will make you feel rest-assured about your purchase, the quality of the bras and, over the years, even help you build a strong connection with the brand too.

Check for reviews

The true heroes of our world are those that shop online and leave a review behind. Don’t you agree? So, before you click on the “pay button”, do a simple Google search and check to know if the bras online are even worth your buck. If you cannot find customer reviews on the brand’s website, make sure to check other e-commerce websites that sell the same products to learn more about your purchase. However, always remember, it is best to check reviews on different sites but purchase your bras on the brand’s website to ensure you receive your authentic items.